How to live longer like an ancient tribe

Intermittent Fasting May 17, 2021

Is it possible to live to 145 years without expensive bio-hacks and futuristic life extension methods?


Actually, our ancient tribes on planet earth know many secrets to ensure longevity and well-being.

The Hunza Tribe in Pakistan is well known for the fact that their people live healthy lives into their 90's without any chronic diseases.

What do they do differently from modern world citizens?

In essence their long and healthy lives are the product of 5 things they do:

  1. They eat a diet high in complex carbohydrates but restricted in calories—about 1600 to 1800 calories a day
  2. They eat some kind of probiotic every day - Kefir or fermented Vegetables
  3. They eat mostly plants and avoid meat most of the time
  4. Zero percent of sugar usage
  5. They eat a lot of raw fruit and vegetables

Yes. It sounds as a standard nutritional recommendation, but this is not the real secret behind the Hunza's longevity.

The real secret is Intermittent Fasting.

The Hunza's restrict their food intake for several months every year, and during that period of time they consume only fruit in small quantities.

This is also known as a fruit-only fast.

Caloric restriction is a proven mechanism to increase longevity by slowing cell replication, and this is the actual reason why Hunza's live longer than others.

They have a fasting tradition!

So don't only eat your veggies and fruits, but also do some fasting to boost the effects of your healthy nutrition.

To make your intermittent fasting more enjoyable, you can try this variation of fasting and eat only fruit (or fruit juice) during your fasts or during the eating intervals in the SkipMeal app! is an intermittent fasting app created to make the fasting experience easier, enjoyable and fun.

Feel free to download the app at for FREE on iOS or Android and start building healthy habits for weight loss, longevity, and health prevention.

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