An Intermittent fasting protocol for weight loss, health prevention, and longevity

Intermittent Fasting May 16, 2020

What If I told you that the global health weight loss market is worth 11 billion dollars?

This means that for every person that wants to lose weight and shed a few pounds there are tens of thousands of products competing for attention and bidding to sell the next solution for “quick fat loss” or “losing weight in 30 days”.

Do you really think a diet or drinking some magic food or pill is the only way to lose weight?

The Magic Pill — Photo by am JD 

Don't believe the advertisement.

Most fat-loss programs are just expensive temporary fixes since they rely on behaviors that are not sustainable.

Most fat loss programs are focused on one of two things:

a) Nutrition — reducing carbs, dietary regimes, and supplements

b) Fitness — working out and training focused on fat-loss

Telling you that fitness or nutrition doesn’t affect weight loss would be a lie. These are great areas to focus on.

However, the problem with nutritionism and fitness is that they require a tremendous amount of discipline to persist towards health prevention and weight-loss goals.

Most people who lose a large amount of weight have regained it 2 to 3 years later —

When was the last time you went out to run at 6 a.m. to seize the day?

I can tell you that my running habits are not that regular. I just can’t find the time and discipline, even though I know it’s good for me.

If you are one of those people that will train three times per week and eat healthy for the rest of your life, you are the lucky minority that will sustainably maintain healthy weight and health.

Good for You.

What about the 99% of people that don’t have the persistence to train regularly and eat healthy every day and every week?

There is a third option for the rest of the world that wants sustainable results with simple habits.

This thirds option is cheaper, more efficient, and less time-consuming, but also more ancient and validated through thousands of years and described as a best-practice in the oldest books known to humanity.

What is it?

Well, it’s Intermittent-fasting. One of the oldest fat-burning mechanisms known to human-kind used across religions for thousands of years.

Intermittent fasting is a remedy for thousands of health issues, a prevention mechanism but also a surprisingly efficient weight-loss mechanism to stay fit forever.

Fasting enhances brain function, focus and attention.

By slowing down cell replication while fasting, cleaning your body from bacteria/viruses and toxins and improving overall health it also has amazing benefits for longevity – you will live a longer and healthier life! is an intermittent fasting app created to make the fasting experience easier, enjoyable and fun.

Feel free to download the app at for FREE on iOS or Android and start building healthy habits for weight loss, longevity, and health prevention.

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